August 19, 2019

Tips for Hiring Great Employees for Your Medical Practice

The staff you choose to hire have a major impact on the success of your medical practice. Your employees interact with the patients at multiple points […]
August 12, 2019

How to Improve Your Medical Practice’s Billing Process

An effective billing process is what allows a medical practice to be profitable. If you’re providing great care but aren’t properly collecting, you’ll have a hard […]
August 5, 2019

How to Handle Negative Online Reviews of Your Medical Practice

In the digital age, the reputation of your medical practice can be damaged by more than just bad word of mouth. With the popularity of online […]
July 29, 2019

5 Tips for Marketing Your Physical Therapy Practice

How much effort do you currently put into marketing your physical therapy practice? If your business’s revenue isn’t where you’d like it to be, it might […]
July 22, 2019

4 Reasons Your Chiropractic Practice Is Leaking Revenue

When a chiropractic practice isn’t making enough revenue to cover expenses and turn a good profit, many assume they simply need to attract more patients. Although […]
July 15, 2019

The Key to Making Sure Your Dental Practice Is HIPAA Compliant

If you own or help manage a dental practice, you know how important HIPAA compliance is to your success. First, you want to protect your patients […]
July 1, 2019

3 Tips to Improve Your Medical Practice’s Online Presence

It’s unavoidable in the modern age; any business that doesn’t have an online presence of some sort is missing out. The medicine and healthcare industry is […]
June 24, 2019

4 Ways to Bring More Patients to Your Practice

As a medical professional, you want to help as many people as possible. As a business owner, you also need a steady influx of new patients […]
June 10, 2019

3 Important KPI Categories Your Practice Should Be Monitoring

KPIs, or key performance indicators, are simply data measurements that help you understand how well your medical practice is doing as a business. If you’re not […]
June 3, 2019

4 Ways to Cut Costs and Improve Your Practice’s Revenue Cycle

Your motivation for entering the medical field likely stemmed from the desire to help patients and provide excellent care. When you’re focused on that goal, concerning […]
May 27, 2019

What to Do About the Wages of a Deceased Employee

There’s no doubt that the death of an employee is a traumatic and difficult experience for a business and everyone who works there. Even while the […]
May 13, 2019

What You Need to Know About Employee W-4 Forms

Any time you hire a new employee at your medical practice, there is, of course, plenty of paperwork to be done. One important piece—the W-4—must be […]
May 6, 2019

When a Text Message Becomes a HIPAA Violation

SMS text messaging has become a ubiquitous form of communication. Personal convenience isn’t the only reason it’s so popular, however. Even medical practices have started incorporating […]
April 29, 2019

Focus on These 3 Areas to Improve Patient Collections

The goal of your medical practice is to improve the lives of your patients by providing excellent care. However, just because you’re passionate about helping people […]
April 22, 2019

Why Your Practice Should Pursue Aged, Denied Claims

A medical practice is a business like any other—it depends on a consistent revenue stream to be successful. That’s why no practice can afford to ignore […]
April 15, 2019

Could Your Practice Benefit from Employing Medical Scribes?

At InnovateU, our mission is to bring you back to medicine. We provide expertise, consulting, and administrative oversight for medical practices so you can return your […]
April 8, 2019

Why Proper Employee Training Is Key to Avoiding HIPAA Violations

HIPAA regulations help preserve patient privacy when it comes to their personal and medical information. However, flawlessly avoiding violations can seem like a tall order when […]
April 2, 2019

Maximize Practice Revenue by Minimizing Returned Claims

Because medical billing must be done on deadlines and at a high volume, it’s a process prone to mistakes. Since billing brings in the lion’s share […]
March 29, 2019

InnovateU a Finalist in Northern Nevada’s Best Places to Work 2019

InnovateU has some exciting news to share: We’ve been nominated as a finalist in Northern Nevada’s Best Places to Work 2019! We’re so proud to offer […]
March 25, 2019

Increasing Patient Engagement Through Technology

High patient engagement is the cornerstone of any modern, successful medical practice. Patients themselves benefit from being more involved in and informed about their own care, […]
May 11, 2017

Are You or Your Providers Subject to Participate in MIPS?

ARE YOU OR YOUR PROVIDERS SUBJECT TO PARTICIPATE IN MIPS? Thanks to CMS, clinicians can now use an interactive tool on the CMS Quality Payment Program […]
November 3, 2016

How to Deal With Past-Due Patient Balances

How to Deal with Past-due Patient Balances While it’s unpleasant to ask your patients for the overdue balance they owe, it’s a necessity when it comes […]
November 3, 2016
Social Media and HIPPA compliance

Social Media and HIPPA Compliance: How Your Medical Practice Can Do Both

Social Media and HIPPA compliance: How your Medical Practice Can Do Both Social media is quickly growing as one of the most used methods for healthcare […]
November 3, 2016
practice management neveda

3 Tech Trends Improving Medical Practice Visits

3 Tech Trends Improving Medical Practice Visits It’s the job of your medical practice and its health professionals to better the lives of the patients who […]
April 16, 2016

How Patient Satisfaction Surveys Help Better Your Medical Practice

How Patient Satisfaction Surveys Help Better Your Medical Practice The medical world is continuously evolving, and patients expect their doctor and medical offices to keep up […]
April 16, 2016

3 Ways Your Waiting Room Affects Patient Satisfaction

3 Ways your Waiting Room Affects your Patient Satisfaction If you’ve taken a close look at the online reviews of your medical practice, you already know […]
April 16, 2016
should i do online reviews for my patients? Practice management nevada

Significance of Online Reviews of Doctors and Medical Offices

Significance of Online Reviews of Doctors and Medical Offices Patients want to trust doctors who are trusted by other people. So, the world of online physician […]